Our Policy

We, MEC TECH Corporation Ltd. Are committed to the success of the design, production, supply & erection of pre-Engineered Steel Buildings.

We shall exert every effort to the following in all our activities:

  • Gaining the confidence and trust of our supervising bodies, employees, stakeholders, Customers and the public through strict adherence to all applicable laws, regulations and best practices.
  • Systematically monitoring, measuring, reviewing and protecting our environment by utilizing our taking effective actions to mitigate adverse risks and enhancing positive impacts on the Quality and Environment of all our activities.
  • Protecting our environment by effectively utilizing our resources and reducing/preventing (as possible) the pollution that may be associated with MEC Tech Corporation Ltd. Activities through effective waste management, recycling & reusing activities.
  • The above policy provides the framework and sets the basis for establishing and reviewing our objectives at all relevant functions of MEC Tech Corporation Ltd. It will be reviewed periodically for continuing and stability and suitability.